Riley Quinn Scott

Hi, I’m Riley

Based in LA, I am interested in telling the stories I wish I saw growing up. I am passionate about accurately portraying girlhood, expanding female representation in mainstream film, and supporting artists with unique perspectives on the ordinary. Though my primary love lies with acting, I write, style, direct and photograph as well.

About Me

A storyteller since birth, Riley feigned reading wild tales to a gathering of eager, plush-toy listeners at the age of 4. By 5, she’d already shot campaigns for American Airlines, Hasbro, Italian Vogue and Target, to name a few. At 13, she was cast as Ariel in her school’s production of Footloose.

CUT TO: her life has been a balancing act of academics and performing arts. After auditioning and gaining acceptance into UCLA’s highly prestigious School of Theater, Film, and Television, Riley now pursues a BA in Theatre Arts with an Acting Emphasis while also attending the world-renowned PlayHouse West. Her freshman year garnered leading roles in two UCLA MFA director shorts, a lead role in a senior thesis, and supporting roles in two additional UCLA films. Her most recent projects include the role of Arletta in Arthur Diennet’s Remy&Arletta and the role of Colette in Something’s More Than One Thing, being produced by the Russo brothers. Riley looks forward to working with female creatives and broadening the spectrum of representation in the film landscape.

Find Me!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rileyyquinn/

Actor’s Access: https://resumes.actorsaccess.com/287551-1604545

Management: Jason R. Ellis at Eclipse Management & Entertainment